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Surveillance systems

The use of monitoring systems is only for legitimate purposes and the use of this service for unfair reasons is not permitted (under Law 3206/2003 as defined in Government Gazette 298/Α/23.12.2003).

Monitoring systems include surveillance cameras, recorders, bugs and everything else that is needed to monitor a site.

Private research involves many different means and to be successful it has to be accompanied by confidentiality, reliability, discretion, but also by the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

Private research monitoring systems do not work as ancillary but play a catalytic role in the course of research.

The use of monitoring systems should be done in a measure, professionalism and based on the need of the case.

Under no circumstances should someone who is not knowledgeable become involved with them because it can have many unpleasant consequences.

Private investigations

Wife’s credibility • Sensory research Family research DNA test • Preliminary check Check a person’s history • Cameras – Monitoring devices Protection of older people • Phone spying.READ MORE »

Corporate investigations

Company protection planning • Product counterfeiting • Audit of employees – partners • Company reliability check • Industrial espionage • Surveillance systems • Detection of trapped areas – Telecommunications • Maritime.READ MORE »

Court cases

Collection of documented data • Hereditary • Detecting witnesses • Finding debtors • Financial issues – Cheating • Divorce – Diet • Judicial – Criminal investigations • Sexual harassment in the workplace.READ MORE »

Advanced technology

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The high-tech equipment in combination with our well-trained staff is the key to the success of all the cases we undertake. We make sure we are always up to date in the heart of developments through appropriate seminars and partnerships with gadget makers across Europe, Israel and th…

Phone tracking

Telephone tracking may be necessary in a number of cases, such as watching a mobile teenager suspected of being involved in illegal operations or using substances. In such a case, phone tracking can be life-saving. At the request of traders suspected of industrial espionage, fr…

Mobile phone detection

Mobile phone tracking is now a possibility that exists in Greece as well. The reasons you may need to identify the number of a mobile phone are varied. One may have been a victim of deception and look for the guilty one, or even worry about the whereabouts of a loved one or a loved o…

Mobile phone tracking

Mobile phone tracking may be necessary in several cases, such as watching a teen mobile phone suspected of being involved in illegal operations or using drugs. In such a case, cell phone tracking can be lifelong (after parental written consent), or even in cases such as alzheimer…

Telephone protection

Professional discussions, intra-corporate communication, secret agreements, personal life. Sayings and confessions we want to stay protected. The truth is, however, that the easiest way to leak a secret is through our telephone conversations. Trapping a phone is no longer a movie script b…

Detect secret calls

Although some action has been taken to eliminate anonymity in the mobile telephony sector since each owner has to declare the number of the official provider in the company, however the secret calls on mobile phones are increasing. The reasons there is an increase in this phenomenon…

Detect trapped areas

The right to privacy is a fundamental principle which should not be violated in any way. Our company, having a tremendous experience in security issues, offers a thorough control of your private and professional space. With the most up-to-date crawler tracking devices, and tracking oth…

GPS tracking

The Data Protection Authority, recently, on terms and conditions, has given its «green light» Decision No 112/2012 on the use of geostationary devices, through assistance, to vulnerable groups of the population and to minors. The services allow the «subscriber» to know the geographical l…

Recover deleted data

The phenomenon of erasing data from mobile phones and computers is a «wound» of modern technological reality. People with terrible knowledge about modern software can delete valuable data from mobile phones and computers and their owners find themselves in great surp…

Special state-of-the-art services

Technology now plays a crucial role in our personal and professional lives. A great deal of information we exchange daily is handled by computers and mobile phones. However assertive of modern technology, there are often risks that can cause concern to us and make us feel ins…

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