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Wife's credibility

The most common forms of infidelity are:

  • Wife’s belief – also known as marital infidelity or adultery for married couples.
  • Partner inaccurability – involving engaged couples or couples who are in a serious and possibly long-term bond.

Nowadays, infidelity has changed personality and can even be considered the exchange of sexual messages. Thus, nowadays, online infidelity occurs through emails or social media.

Through careful monitoring of daily movements, we offer the person concerned substantial evidence that can not be disputed.

With extreme confidentiality and respecting personal privacy, we bring to light infidelity cases with absolutely documented methods, always operating in accordance with the letter of the law.

Thus, our company offers tangible evidence of the existence or not of dishonesty between spouses or comrades.

Corporate investigations

Company protection planning • Product counterfeiting • Audit of employees – partners • Company reliability check • Industrial espionage • Surveillance systems • Detection of trapped areas – Telecommunications • Maritime.READ MORE »

Court cases

Collection of documented data • Hereditary • Detecting witnesses • Finding debtors • Financial issues – Cheating • Divorce – Diet • Judicial – Criminal investigations • Sexual harassment in the workplace.READ MORE »

Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations • Kidnappings • People searches • Disappearance of persons • Scams finding debtors • Tenant’s rights • Observation – Tracking • Secret services • Electronic crime • Judicial elements • Sexual abuse.READ MORE »

Private investigations

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Sensory research

Sentimental surveys are the most common and widespread kind of private investigations. The question of a partner’s spouse is one of the greatest doubts that can cause irreparable bruises to the foundations of a relationship and lead to the end of a relationship or the dissolution of a…

Family research

The concept of family is the foundation stone of every society. Our family offers love, protection and security. Our attitude and behavior towards family problems can turn our family into a place of fear and misery, or instead a place of peace and joy. It is up to us to protect our family peace. S…

Infidelity test

In collaboration with certified laboratories, our company is able to provide any interested infidelity test with fully reliable results. A sample may be collected from sheets, clothes, undergarments, condoms, tissues, toothbrushes, bottles, cutlery, gum, roots, semen, blood, razor blade…

Paternity test (Test DNA)

The paternity test explores whether one is a biological father of one or more children. With the evolution of medical technology and genetics the accuracy of the results of the paternity test reaches 99.9%. The paternity test can be done basically for 2 reasons: For personal reasons when…

Divorce – Diet (Evidence)

A large proportion of divorces are not jointly decided, so the refusal of one of the two comrades to accept the situation causes a lot of problems. Often things reach violent extremities resulting in serious mental health effects for children. We cover every aspect of the problems arising from a…

Preliminary check

The rapid rise of divorces in the present era has caused great concern to couples who are about to marry. Although everyone is getting married on the best terms, the truth is that a large percentage of marriages fail. Especially in cases where one of the two future spouses is in possession of si…

Check a person’s history

Surveys of this kind are usually done in cases of employment, employee or partnership relationships, premarital checks, parental control of childhood acquaintance in order to avoid any threats and threats from dangerous encounters and individuals who can drive the child into drug use…

Surveillance cameras

The surveillance cameras are distinguished in indoor and outdoor space, and IP cameras that transmit optical data over the Internet. The recording of information from surveillance cameras in professional and personal spaces offers the research of outstanding information material t…

Monitoring devices

Monitoring devices include several categories, but the most important ones are hidden cameras and various types of bugs. There are also other devices such as digital space recorders, GPS trackers, night-time monitors, and more. Additionally, there are devices that detect tracking de…

Protection of older people

Many families, either when they have an elderly person at home who can not be accommodated on their own due to age, or when that person stays alone but needs help, recruits a person to take care of it. In the world, but also in our country, there are many cases where the perso…


Keeping track of people is strictly permitted under certain essential conditions such as: Watching minors: it can only be done by arrangement and always with the legal assignment (in writing) by the guardians. For the supervision of minors, we can collect information to see…

Phone spying

Phone spying is beyond the remit of private investigators and private investigators. However, there are times, as in the case of guardianship, that software may need to be placed in a legal and written agreement with the guardian of the minor to see how they behave outside the family. Also, i…

Financial issues – Cheating – Finding debtors

Our company takes on issues related to financial claims / claims against insurance companies, commercial companies, promising investments with a high percentage of profits that are largely unfounded and have many risks. Our company also undertakes any other economic matter that…

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