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Detective – who we are

Krypteia.gr is the leading international detective agency, founded 12 years ago, based in London, the United Kingdom and now available in Greece, which is offered by our private investigation offices in Athens.

We operate at a global scale under complete confidentiality and secrecy in the field of detective – private investigations, security services, protection and briefing as well as we cooperate with licensed and certified companies and individual detectives – private investigators, with identical or similar operation field within or outside the EU. Krypteia.gr objective is to create high standard network services and provide the necessary intelligence and high security to their customers. The vast experience along with knowledge and responsibility that manifests in Krypteia.gr members of staff, enables us to provide complete solutions for both private and governmental organisations.

Do not hesitate to call us in order to discuss your needs with our experienced staff. Note that anonymity and confidentiality of communication is guaranteed. Thank you!

Private investigations

Wife’s credibility • Sensory research DetectiveFamily research • Preliminary check • Detective AthensCheck a person’s history • Cameras – Monitoring devices • Detective ThessalonikiPhone spying.READ MORE »

Corporate investigations

Company protection planning • Detective PiraeusAudit of employees – partners • Corporate authentication • Private detectiveDetection of trapped areas – Telecommunications • Industrial espionage Detective • Maritime.READ MORE »

Court cases

Collection of documented data • Hereditary • Investigation OfficesDetecting witnesses • Finding debtors • Private investigation officesFinancial issues – Cheating • Divorce – Diet • Detective agenciesSexual harassment in the workplace.READ MORE »

Detective services

Private investigations

Do you want to reveal the truth about your husband? Here you will find what you are looking for with low cost and with absolute confidentiality!

Corporate cases

Discover the past around your employee or prospective partner!

Court cases

We provide key information for the success of your potential litigation!

Criminal Investigations

We detect murders, robberies and kidnappings with the most modern methods for the analysis of fingerprints, blood and saliva genetic material!

Teen problems

We work with top psychologists on the problems of young people, such as alcohol, drugs and the internet to deal with them!


We have advanced last generation technology for the most demanding users!

Learn our total detective prices and the duration of a comprehensive investigation

VIP protection

If you feel unprotected, we are always ready to help those who want to feel safe and protected in this changing world!

12 Years

2 Offices

350 Partners

2750 Customers

Appointments outside office

Krypteia.gr operates and undertakes cases all over the world, and throughout Greece. Call us today 24 hours a day to take care of your case wherever you are.

Note that anonymity and confidentiality of communication is guaranteed. Thank you!


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We encourage interested customers to be especially careful about the companies – private detective agencies, where targeted. They have to check whether companies – private investigation offices have official government licenses and certifications

Detective – Private investigation offices

Are you interested in detectives all over Greece or detective offices in Greece to clarify your private or corporate case effectively and financially with guaranteed success? The private investigation agency Krypteia.gr with licensed and certified detectives – private investigators and throughout Greece take with absolute seriousness the most complicated cases for private and corporate investigations in Greece. (Clarification: DETECTIVE is a former term, now official term: PRIVATE INVESTIGATION OFFICE).

Why choose the detective offices of Krypteia.gr

When you choose to hire us to carry out your private or corporate investigation, you can be sure that your case will be handled by a top detective – private investigator in Greece or abroad with absolute seriousness. Our professional detectives – private investigators are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you in your case. All our detective – private investigators have been thoroughly examined and have the necessary qualifications and experience in the context of private or corporate investigation in order to undertake even the most complicated cases.

Krypteia.gr is a proud company of professional detectives – private investigators, which has won many awards and has extensive experience in gathering evidence in private or corporate investigation that allows us to solve your case efficiently and economically with guaranteed success.

Note that the percentage of resolution of Krypteia.gr cases remains extremely high until today, and is the reason why we are above the competition. Our private and corporate clients are our best supporters and their testimonials are available upon request for you to review!


Many more than 2750 customers

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Career as detective

Many more than 350 partners

Work for Krypteia.gr

Thank you for your interest in a career in Krypteia.gr. We recruit highly qualified and skilled staff, including professionals from the private sector, as well as former military and police officers in Greece. We are looking for people of high standard, responsibility, integrity and professionalism.

Please send us a full CV at e-mail: careers@krypteia.gr and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Telephony and surveillance software

VoIP systems

Complete VoIP telephony services and PBX call centers for individuals and companies!

Surveillance programs

Surveillance software that you install on your phone, tablet or computer to keep you informed of what is happening on the target device!

Surveillance systems

Completed proposals and solutions

It is true that the security of a person or a home or business premises has been greatly affected in recent years. As criminals and burglars have acquired the technology and know-how in order to bypass security systems that until recently seemed inaccessible. For these reasons, we rely on effective surveillance systems to prevent crime, to provide early warning of impending danger, to ensure effective communication between teams, or simply to ensure that everything around us works smoothly, safely.

Krypteia.gr has created a wide range of quality security and surveillance solutions, for whatever your needs, we have a comprehensive proposal and solution.

And remember security today is one of the biggest demands for all of us!

CCTV systems
Alarm systems
Fire alarm
Access control
Door phones
GPS tracking