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Cost – Payment methods

How much does it cost to hire a detective – private investigator

Before starting a private or corporate investigation, a licensed and certified our detective – private investigator will discuss with you to understand exactly the needs of your case and will provide a complete solution as it will inform you about our costs and payment methods.

An initial consultation at our offices is free, as opposed to appointments outside the office there is a charge, which depends on the area and its duration.

In terms of charging, a detective – private investigator usually charges us per hour, especially for tasks that are time consuming and require extensive investigation. Your location, the specific services you request, the time required and other individual factors can affect hourly rates.

In some cases our detective – private investigator will charge a fixed fee for specific services such as history checks, address tracking, etc., regardless of the number of working hours required for a successful investigation.

It is worth asking us in advance how you will be billed, pointing out any preferences you have!

What does a detective – private investigator do

Detective – private investigator is a person or group of people hired to conduct an investigation and gather information to clarify a private or corporate case. An experienced detective – private investigator uses a wide range of observation and investigation techniques to gather information about his client, usually working under confidentiality and secrecy to achieve results!

Typical services offered by our detective – private investigator include, but are not limited to:

  • Wife’s credibility.
  • Paternity test (Test DNA).
  • Preliminary check.
  • Check a person’s history.
  • Tracking.
  • Check partner.
  • Control of employees.
  • Find debtors.
  • Detecting witnesses.
  • Disappearance of person.
  • Fraud.
  • Secret services.
  • Child surveillance.
  • Surveillance systems.
  • Mobile phone tracking.
  • Telephone protection.
  • Control and detection of trapped areas – Telecommunications.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • GPS tracking.
  • Recover deleted data.

At the private investigation agency Krypteia.gr we know completely that this may be the first time you have hired a detective – private investigator, but rest assured that every call or e-mail we receive is treated with the utmost seriousness and we will never make any announcement or publication to third parties any of your evidence or information!

How the prices of a private or corporate investigation are formed

The prices for the clarification of a private or corporate case are influenced by various factors such as:

  1. The selection of the object of investigation.
  2. The area where we will be active.
  3. The duration of the investigation.
  4. The human resources we will use.
  5. The means and technological equipment that we will choose.

Note that Krypteia.gr has adjusted its prices to levels affordable for all citizens, ensuring that the quality of services it operates is not affected despite the financial crisis it has faced. Thank you!

What other costs do you expect to pay

In addition to the services we provide, our detective – private investigators, depending on what leads to a case, charge additional costs that arise during their work. This may include a trip if required during the investigation, who will usually charge you for the following expenses:

  • Kilometers, petrol and parking fees.
  • Tickets for travel by plane, bus, train, boat, etc.
  • Accommodation costs for hotel rooms.
  • Entrance to restaurants, clubs, organized beaches, cruises, etc.

Krypteia.gr is a reliable company of professional detectives – private investigators who will never hide additional costs from the client and will be transparent in the financial agreement at the beginning of the investigation.

Recommended to ask us during an initial consultation what other expenses you expect to pay, so as not to be surprised by unexpected charges!

How are you going to pay

At the private investigation agency Krypteia.gr you can pay in the following ways:

  1. Cash.
  2. Check or money order.
  3. PayPal.
  4. Credit or debit card.
  5. Bank transfer.

In addition, we can send you an electronic invoice which you can pay online with automatic debit from your current account.

What do we suggest

Do not hesitate to call us directly to discuss your needs and provide a solution to the issue you are dealing with our experienced staff. Do not live another with suspicion, uncertainty and lie. It is an inalienable right of all of us to know the truth!

Note that anonymity and confidentiality of communication is guaranteed. Thank you!