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Internet bullying involves intimidating, threatening, humiliating or harassing children and adolescents who receive through the use of the Internet, mobile phones or other digital technologies from their peers.

Forms of network intimidation:

  • Repeating sending of electronic or phone messages.
  • Interference and harassment of any internet activity of the individual.
  • Creating bogus online profiles.
  • Login to person’s personal Internet accounts.
  • Send photos of someone or other kinds of recorded material.
  • Sending person’s personal information to multiple recipients.
  • Sending threatening messages to other people, pretending to be intimidated.
  • Instigation of third parties for online monitoring and harassment of the individual.

Reasons to engage in online bullying:

  • He feels powerless.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Attention and admiration by friends.
  • Fear of staying out, unbending.
  • Impatience and inability to control anger.
  • The culture of aggression and intimidation.
  • The imitation.
  • Lack of awareness and consciousness.
  • He was bullied.

Internet bullying must be taken very seriously. Signs are a lot: the teenager does not eat well, does not concentrate, does not sleep well, has poor performance at school, asks parents often money and shows increasing fear and anxiety.

Internet bullying has even led to teenage suicides because they could not manage the situation.

Private research helps to detect the source of online bullying from which it originates and who causes it. Through constant follow-up of the adolescent, we reach directly and effectively at the end of the yarn, controlling both the volume of emails and the behavior of the individual.

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When you choose to hire us to carry out your private or corporate investigation, you can be sure that your case will be handled by a top detective – private investigator in Greece or abroad with absolute seriousness. Our professional detectives – private investigators are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you in your case. All our detective – private investigators have been thoroughly examined and have the necessary qualifications and experience in the context of private or corporate investigation in order to undertake even the most complicated cases.

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How the prices of a private or corporate investigation are formed

The prices for the clarification of a private or corporate case are influenced by various factors such as:

  1. The selection of the object of investigation.
  2. The area where we will be active.
  3. The duration of the investigation.
  4. The human resources we will use.
  5. The means and technological equipment that we will choose.

Note that Krypteia.gr has adjusted its prices to levels affordable for all citizens, ensuring that the quality of services it operates is not affected despite the financial crisis it has faced. Thank you!

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