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Protection of minors

When talking about child protection, it usually includes three main axes:

  1. Protect the minor from the mental and physical violence he or she may receive from his / her family environment and from people outside of it.
  2. To protect the minor from dangerous substances such as drugs.
  3. Protect teenagers and children against the dangers of the internet.

As regards the first category, private research acts primarily as a preventive measure, aiming at protecting the minor from such risks and preserving both his psychology and his physical integrity.

In the second case, through direct, discreet and secret monitoring, we can learn and inform the parent about the environment and the people with whom they are socializing.

The third case is also quite complicated and requires both individual monitoring and electronic data analysis to see if the minor has been bullied or threatened.

Research in these cases is scrupulous, though discreet. Our agency has been specializing in these three areas for years, providing always direct, substantial, and accurate results.

Advanced technology

Surveillance systems • Mobile phone detection • Mobile phone tracking • Telephone protection • Detect secret calls • Detect trapped areasGPS tracking • Recover deleted data.READ MORE »

Private investigations

Wife’s credibility • Sensory research Family research DNA test • Preliminary check Check a person’s history • Cameras – Monitoring devices Protection of older people • Phone spying.READ MORE »

Corporate investigations

Company protection planning • Product counterfeiting • Audit of employees – partners • Company reliability check • Industrial espionage • Surveillance systems • Detection of trapped areas – Telecommunications • Maritime.READ MORE »

Teen problems

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Internet addiction

Internet addiction is a psychopathological condition that is difficult to detect and recognize, but its treatment is considered necessary. Internet addiction includes the constant search for information on websites, fabulous social networking, chatting, obsession with erotic content, gambling…

Internet bullying

Internet bullying involves intimidating, threatening, humiliating or harassing children and adolescents who receive through the use of the Internet, mobile phones or other digital technologies from their peers. Forms of network intimidation: Repeating sending of electronic or ph…

Sexual harassment on the internet

A phenomenon that has tremendously high upward trends is sexual harassment on the internet. Now we are not talking about individual incidents, but about a reality experienced by men, women and especially underage children. According to surveys, 1/5 of minors who have access to the i…

Internet security

The issue of online safety is becoming more important in the age when we have children and adolescents accessing the internet from a very young age. The dangers it hides are disguised, but it can make a simple and everyday habit turn into a nightmarish setting. Children and young…

In-school violence – Protection design

As in-school violence has also become a social problem in our country. Violent violence is defined as deliberate and unprovoked violent behavior on a physical and psychic level. Children who practice end-of-life violence feel a sense of power, but at the same time they usually live in violent a…

Child surveillance

Child surveillance: can only be done by arrangement and always with the legal assignment (in writing) by the guardians. For child custody, we can collect information to see activity and how it behaves outside of the family, where it frequents, what people encounters, useful addresses, and info…

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