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Criminal investigations

Criminal investigations and kidnapping of minors are particularly tedious and harsh assumptions. The complexity of nature and its features continually change the flow of events and the turn that things can take. There are few times when such assumptions have reached a dead end.

The implications of such assumptions are to bring a domino of dramatic effects to those who are directly or indirectly involved with them. Our highly trained people in criminal investigations with extreme confidentiality and professionalism, discreet monitoring and secrecy investigate in depth all possible extensions. Thanks to our extensive network of links, we enlighten even the darkest side of each case, with absolute ethos and with full responsibility for each step we take.

For the detection of criminal investigations such as murders, robberies and kidnappings, we also use the most modern methods of technology with simultaneous assistance and science in the analysis of genetic fingerprints, genetic material of blood and saliva.

Our many years of experience allows us to carry out all the stages of the research and successfully achieve the expected outcome.

Teen problems

Protection of minors • Internet addiction • Internet bullying • Sexual harassment on the internet • Internet security • In-school violence – Protection design • TrackingREAD MORE »

Advanced technology

Surveillance systems • Mobile phone detection • Mobile phone tracking • Telephone protection • Detect secret calls • Detect trapped areasGPS tracking • Recover deleted data.READ MORE »

Private investigations

Wife’s credibility • Sensory research Family research DNA test • Preliminary check Check a person’s history • Cameras – Monitoring devices Protection of older people • Phone spying.READ MORE »

Criminal investigations

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Kidnappings are a very topical issue nowadays. In particular, the difficult economic climate we have experienced has contributed to a rapid increase in abductions of adults and minors. The perpetrators believe that kidnappings are the most appropriate means of extortion for posting l…

People searches

Our company undertakes searches for individuals throughout Greece and abroad with absolute discretion and discretion. With the help of a broad network of links that we have in Greece and abroad and based on the high professionalism of our people, we have the ability to identify t…

Disappearance of person

The disappearance of a person is a truly tragic event that causes a lot of negative situations both for the person himself and for his whole familiar environment, which is suddenly at the heart of a situation that really does not know how to deal with it. The disappearances of persons do not fit…


The term «fraud» includes any of the following acts perpetrated by one of the parties, or with the consent of, or by his agent for the purpose of deceiving another party or his representative, or forcing him to conclude a contract: To represent an untrue fact as true, by a person who does n…

Search debtors

The economic difficulties of the time have put many businesses and natural persons in a hurdle into trouble, facing the difficulty of locating the so-called «blind» debtors every day. Our company undertakes to find debtors always within the established legal framework, without any violations a…

Tenant's rights

It is better to state that the lessee is responsible only for the costs and repairs related to the use of the property, but for repairs and expenses related to the fixed assets of the property (eg plumbing, electrical, elevator, boiler etc.) is the responsibility of the owner. In any case, dangerous are provi…

Observation – Tracking

Keeping track of people is strictly permitted under certain essential conditions such as: Minor Tracking: it can only be done by arrangement and always with the legal assignment (in writing) by the guardians. For the supervision of minors, we can collect information to see how they beh…

Secret services

We undertake secret services with full discretion and a secure result. The high professionalism, credibility and privacy with which we deal with all the cases combined with the excellent training of our company’s people are able to offer real solutions to your every need. Along with the help of t…

Electronic crime

In modern times, computers as well as other devices connected to the Internet are becoming a dangerous tool for a form of modern criminals who commit illegal acts over the Internet. Electronic crime can take many forms, such as: Fraud, information theft and victim trapping. But…

Judicial elements

The phenomenon of incomplete data is too frequent and causes chain reactions to the judicial development of a case. However, there is not a few times when a legal «conflict» can evolve into a complex process, with unpleasant consequences for all parties involved. The collection of eviden…

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse refers to physical, psychological, economic or sexual violence by the spouse or sexual partner, or by another person who is not the sexual partner. Sexual abuse also involves the exertion of physical and mental violence on children by the parent or other persons outside the fa…

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