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A court case can be judged as a simple fact with a positive outcome. However, there is not a few times when a litigation can evolve into a complex process, with unpleasant consequences for all parties involved.

The phenomenon of incomplete data is too frequent and causes chain reactions to the judicial development of a case. Every year in our country thousands of cases are frozen because of insufficient and appropriate data.

Insufficient evidence does not simply delay an assumption, but often because of postponements, they contribute to economic asphyxia, enormous mental discomfort, leading very often even to the financial stalemate.

People who have to deal with a court case very often often make hilarious moves to find sufficient evidence. Such practices can bring many reverse effects and find someone accused from one moment to the next.

Judicial investigations should only be undertaken by people who are professional and know what to do and how to behave according to each case.

Coordinated actions in the field of judicial investigations of our practitioners can bring to light even the most difficult and difficult data at the minimum cost and create a real sense of certainty that your case will have the progression you want.

Why to choose us

Detective with certification

When you choose to hire us to carry out your private or corporate investigation, you can be sure that your case will be handled by a top detective – private investigator in Greece or abroad with absolute seriousness. Our professional detectives – private investigators are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you in your case. All our detective – private investigators have been thoroughly examined and have the necessary qualifications and experience in the context of private or corporate investigation in order to undertake even the most complicated cases.

Krypteia.gr is a proud company of professional detectives – private investigators, which has won many awards and has extensive experience in gathering evidence in private or corporate investigation that allows us to solve your case efficiently and economically with guaranteed success.

Note that the percentage of resolution of Krypteia.gr cases remains extremely high until today, and is the reason why we are above the competition. Our private and corporate clients are our best supporters and their testimonials are available upon request for you to review!

How the prices of a private or corporate investigation are formed

The prices for the clarification of a private or corporate case are influenced by various factors such as:

  1. The selection of the object of investigation.
  2. The area where we will be active.
  3. The duration of the investigation.
  4. The human resources we will use.
  5. The means and technological equipment that we will choose.

Note that Krypteia.gr has adjusted its prices to levels affordable for all citizens, ensuring that the quality of services it operates is not affected despite the financial crisis it has faced. Thank you!

Learn our total detective prices and the duration of a comprehensive investigation

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Krypteia.gr operates and undertakes cases all over the world, and throughout Greece. Call us today 24 hours a day to take care of your case wherever you are.

Note that anonymity and confidentiality of communication is guaranteed. Thank you!


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