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Company protection planning

At the time we are designing effective corporate protection is a prerequisite for the smooth and successful operation of a business. There are too many business owners who suffer from intangible theft, scams, phone tapping and other corporate damages that can cost huge amounts of money to the business, but also jeopardize the entire credibility and prestige of a company.

Our company offers a substantial plan and company protection design with a range of highly advanced services to minimize and prevent all potential risks.

Our goal is to shield the business environment with all modern methods of eliminating corporate risks such as cleaning corporate spaces from bed bugs, monitoring workplaces, scams for frauds and other services for maximum security.

One main issue that concerns the design of company protection and needs special treatment is the control of employees.

More and more employers today are complaining about their employees. Behavioral problems, false experience, false titles, untrue previous salary, inadequate or even non-existent qualifications, are just some of the tricks that today’s bidders grasp in order to win a job in a company.

Court cases

Collection of documented data • Hereditary • Detecting witnesses • Finding debtors • Financial issues – Cheating • Divorce – Diet • Judicial – Criminal investigations • Sexual harassment in the workplace.READ MORE »

Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations • Kidnappings • People searches • Disappearance of persons • Scams finding debtors • Tenant’s rights • Observation – Tracking • Secret services • Electronic crime • Judicial elements • Sexual abuse.READ MORE »

Teen problems

Protection of minors • Internet addiction • Internet bullying • Sexual harassment on the internet • Internet security • In-school violence – Protection design • Tracking.READ MORE »

Corporate investigations

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Check partner

Before making a partnership, you need to know some of the key features about the individuals who are members of the business to be created. Reliability, the appropriate professional background, not engaging in business losses (bankruptcies), but also the financial capacity – the strength…

Control of employees

The great demands of the modern corporate environment make employee control a foundation stone for the smooth operation of a business as small or as big as it is. The great competition that exists to secure a job leads many times to candidates to submit resumes with false qualification…

Company reliability check

Unemployment nowadays, especially between the ages of 25 and 40, leads many people of this age group to the decision to leave for the sake of looking for work and better conditions. By reaching their destination, they are often confronted with conditions quite different from those they be…

Corporate investigations – Protection of interests

Designing effective corporate protection is a prerequisite for the smooth and successful operation of a business, especially in the times we are in. There are too many business owners who suffer from intangible theft, scams, phone tapping and other corporate damages that can cost huge…

Product counterfeiting

Product falsifications can cost to companies that manufacture / produce, distribute or sell the original product huge revenue cut and at the same time loss of consumer confidence in them. This results in the name and reputation of the company being hit hard. Product falsification, espec…

Find debtors

The economic difficulties of the time have put many businesses and natural persons in a hurdle into trouble, facing the difficulty of locating the so-called «blind» debtors every day. Our company undertakes to find debtors always within the established legal framework, without any violations a…

Financial Issues – Cheating

Our company takes care of financial claims to insurance companies, commercial companies, promising investments with high profits which are largely unfounded and any financial issue. It carefully investigates the case of excessive claims on the part of insured persons or shareholders a…

Industrial espionage

The term «industrial espionage» refers to the theft of sensitive corporate information. Significant material can pass into the hands of competitors. In this way the opponent gains a huge comparative advantage. It manages to reap the bounty and with minimal comparative cost, the benefits that…

Surveillance systems

Monitoring systems include surveillance cameras, recorders, bugs and everything else that is needed to monitor a site. Our company takes care of supplying and always owning the latest technology equipment and systems so that our research is complete at every level. In each re…

Detection of trapped areas – Telecommunications

Our company, having vast experience in security issues, offers a thorough control of your private and professional space. With state-of-the-art bug tracking devices, and other trapping tools, it provides you with a completely safe environment with research targeted at the right spots. With ab…


The most common types of marine claims are related to personal injuries, property damage, and financial claims. Under the general heading «Maritime», there are incidents that require investigation such as personal injury, damage to the ship or to third parties, private boat injuries, tour…

VIP escort design

People who gather the spotlight face many and varied dangers (extreme admirers, aggressive behaviors, threats) that can at any time endanger their physical integrity. Escorting VIPs is not a simple matter. Our people, thanks to their long experience, plan the detailed plan in detail and u…

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